Daily Archives: 09/22/2004

I’m Being Followed By A Goon’s Shadow, Goon’s Shadow, Goon’s Shadow

In a stunning victory in the War on Terror, US Transportation Security Administration forces successfully defended the Homeland against the forces of evil. Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, was repelled from the United States today. His international flight was diverted to an airstrip in Maine, were he was escorted off the plane and into TSA custody. Apparently the singer is persona non grata in the Homeland, despite his stated condemnation of terrorism and efforts to promote religious understanding.

Who’s next in the War on Terror? Maybe Ashcroft’s goons can hound Bobby Fischer mercilessly for his crass and inept comments about 9/11. Oh wait, that’s already happened.

Listening Matter

Been listening to some good music lately. Thought I’d share.

  • Jay Farrar – Stone, Steel & Bright Lights: Great live album from founder member of Uncle Tupelo. I’ve enjoyed Son Volt through the years, but this album is just great. Farrar’s voice just hypnotizes me. He might be beaming out subliminal messages for all I know, I just zone out on his voice.
  • Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot: The ying to Farrar’s yang, Jeff Tweedy will forever be paired with his former bandmate and bête noire Jay Farrar. I enjoyed some of Wilco’s stuff, especially the Mermaid Avenue albums, but Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is a real breakthrough. Wilco channels Radiohead into an alcoholic fever dream of loss and ruin.
  • Jack Johnson – Live At Orpheum Theater 11/14/2002: The Internet Archive’s Live Music Archive is a wonderful thing. This concert is loads of fun and a jam and a half, I’m afraid I’m burning a whole through the CDR it’s burned on.
  • Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi: Music for my inner nihilist. I bought this CD during my last trip to Orange County. It seemed somehow appropriate to crank this on my rental car’s stereo driving through the vast, rotten, hollow core of the post modern world.
  • Joss Stone – Soul Sessions: If I were the type to go around ‘bumping the tunes’ in my car, the Blue Torpedo would definitely be bumping Joss Stone. This album is sweet like chocolate, but with none of the calories. A new album full of old school rhythm & blues, the Soul Sessions is a
  • And a bevy of discs from Putumayo, they make excellent compilation discs.
    • French Cafe: Nothing like a few chansons to chill out in the evening.
    • Music From the Tea Lands: Some great tracks from around the Pacific Rim. I especially like the gamelan on the last track.
    • Music From the Coffee Lands: Another sampler, this time picking artists from coffee producing areas such as South America, Africa, Jamaica, Mexico and Hawaii as the source.
    • World Lounge: I really ain’t into electronica/trance music, but this disc satisfies that urge went I need to vegetate.
  • Yo Yo Ma – Silk Road Journeys: When Strangers Meet: Yo Yo Ma put together the Silk Road Ensemble a couple years ago to explore the musical traditions along the Silk Road route from Europe to the Far East. This album was the result, an ecstatic combination of instruments and styles from across the vast Eurasian continent.
  • Orchestra Baobab – Pirates Choice: This album is so much fun, a delight to the ears. Rolling, sensual music from Senegal, with a healthy infusion of Cuban jazz and salsa. I swear, Werente Serigne is burnt into my brain. I wake up humming that tune and it haunts the quiet moments of my day. And that is totally fine with me.

Not exactly a mainstream medley collection, but I am quite happy listening to these CD’s at home (Music From the Coffee Lands is playing right now in fact), at work, or in my car. All I need now is a set of those Bangalore Torpedo subwoofers and I could be ‘bumping the tunes’ all the way down Marine Drive.

Other Icons

9 year old Kim Phuc flees her village of Trang Bang after a napalm attack in 1972. Photo by Nick UtI got an email this morning asking what other images from the Vietnam war are iconic.

I think this photo by Nick Ut certainly qualifies. Nick Ut took this picture in 1972 of children fleeing their village of Trang Bang after a napalm attack, fear written large on their faces.

Palau Micronesia Air Takes To The Skies

Yesterday marked the first arrival of Palau Micronesia Air on Guam. The fledgling airline is taking on Continental Micronesia in the island hopper market, offering twice weekly island hopper service between Manila, Koror, Yap, Guam, Chuuk and Pohnpei. In addition Palau Micronesia Air has twice weekly flights to Darwin, Australia. I sense a possible trip in the near future; a week in Palau, then on to Darwin for some outback adventure.

The airline is definitely cheaper than Continental. Palau for $399, over a hundred dollars less than Continental. Darwin for $499, again cheaper than Continental’s flight to Cairns. On the downside, Palau Micronesia Air only operates 1 airplane right now. They hope to acquire a second plane early next year and begin Palau/Japan routes. I wish them luck. Micronesia can use another more competition in the airline business.

Air Mike is incredibly profitable for Continental, primarily due to their unchallenged monopoly status. In fact, Continental Micronesia is the most profitable division of Continental’s business. So Air Mike has no reason to lower rates, especially since there was no competition in the region. I even remember a previous Air Mike executive threatening Guam with the possibility of a pullout during the whole cabotage issue with Asiana a few years ago and local efforts to annul the airline cabotage restrictions. His basic attitude was, if politicians keep pressuring the US congress for relief from the cabotage laws, Continental will be forced to pull out of Guam and lay off the entire workforce.