Daily Archives: 09/26/2004

Energy Linkage

Just a taste of what I’ve been reading about today. Spent a good deal of time reading through a bevy of energy/technology related links. Energy production is a common theme in these articles. From a harrowing vision of the near future where petroleum reserves dwindle, sparking mass starvation and global energy wars, to more optimistic visions of energy trends for the next decade from leading analysts, the focus is definitely on oil reserves and alternative energy sources.

Some of those alternative sources include renewable sources like wind and solar, and a couple articles focus on small scale successes in bringing wind power to African communities.

A few of the more speculative stories feature the role nanotechnology can play in storage and supply of alternative energy. The Nobel winning chemist that discovered ‘Buckballs’ called the need to develop alternative energy nanotechnology’s most pressing mission. One critical need is to detoxify Buckyballs, which are quite poisonous when inhaled.