2 thoughts on “The Home Computer of 2004

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like something off the set of that Space Rangers skit Kilbane did on MadTV. That feller even looks like a skinny Will Sasso.

  2. Flip

    Hi! Thats funny, I’m just checking my profile and tested the click on my favourite book. The result was a list of other users who have the same book in their profiles. I scrolled them down and looked in your blog, and saw this picture of that really big prototype thing of home-computer. This picture I have seen in an german satire magazin http://www.titanic-magazin.de/ and found it very funny. The point is some days later I found this “homecomputer” is a hoax http://mg.to/2004/09/20/the-great-home-computer-hoax

    Excuse my bad english, tried my best ;-) I’m from Germany and thought it could be fine to live where you live, isn’t it. I envy you.

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