Soylent Green

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!Been thinking about those glaciers melting down in Antarctica, the changes it portents for the world, and it made me remember seeing Soylent Green on television a couple weeks ago. Flipping through the channels one evening I came across Charlton Heston’s mug and I knew it was Soylent Green. About 20 minutes into the movie. I sat down and watched it at the time, primarily because the last time I saw the movie was over twenty years ago and it seemed like a good time to brush up on a tasty little nugget of pop culture. Plus I knew it was Edward G. Robinson’s last role, and he goes out with a bang in Soylent Green. He is the heart and soul of the picture, the last vestige of humanity remembering what was lost. And his death is powerful, moving and chilling at the same time.

What surprised in watching the movie is how prescient it seems to me now. Overpopulation, widespread famine, global warming, the death of the oceans, powerful multi-national corporations, state sponsored euthanasia, and the widening gulf between the wealthy and the rest of the world. None of these things seems so far fetched anymore. We’ve made real strides toward creating the hellish dystopia depicted in that movie.