Daily Archives: 10/04/2004

TeleGuam Plans For GTA

There is a very good article in the September 20-October 3 issue of Marianas Business Journal covering the proposed sale of GTA to TeleGuam Holdings. (No link because Marianas Business Journal is a pay site.) TeleGuam wants to roll out a variety of new services to Guam including digital cable and improved DSL, pending approval by the Guam Legislature, the governor’s office and the FCC.

The discussion with Robert Taylor, CEO of TeleGuam Holdings, about DSL was an eye-opener to me. I knew the system had problems, but nothing this bad.

Second in line on the to-do list will be dealing with a problem that was created when the Guam Telephone Authority bought its DSL system from Nortel Technologies-almost immediately phased out. When Nortel stopped making the equipment, acquisition of replacement parts or upgrades became impossible.

…At the heart of the problem is that, while DSL is touted as the fastest road to the Internet Super Highway, those wanting to get onboard are stuck at the red light at the freeway on-ramp. Hundreds of would-be island customers have to wait for an existing line to come free.

“Clearly it’s a system that has to be replaced, because it’s a system that is on its last breath,” Taylor said. “It has served some needs, but it is our goal to come in here and upgrade.”

No wonder my DSL sucks, the system is obsolete and breaking down. My DSL bandwidth is on a par what I got with my ISDN line eight years ago, yet it is sporadic to say the least. Up. Down. Up. Down. I knew GTA was prohibited from offering DSL to consumers and only made it available through resellers, but this business about buying an obsolete Nortel system with no replacement parts is news to me.

New Isla Exhibit

Saturday I popped in at the Isla Center for the Arts after spending the morning at UOG’s RFK Library. Isla is currently exhibiting a nice show of Japanese prints titled Ukiyo-e: Images From the Floating World. It is a collection of 19th century wood block prints from both personal collections and Isla’s permanent collection. I actually expected more lascivious prints with a title like that, but it was a good exhibit. The main subjects were kabuki actors, a couple mythological themes, and one marvelous Hiroshige landscape. The prints were just exquisite, and the ikebana offered a nice counterpoint to the artwork.

The show is definitely worth seeing, especially since it is free. The Isla Center is a wonderful asset to the island. It is enriching the cultural life of Guam, along with KPRG.