Daily Archives: 10/08/2004

Former NFL Kicker Sought In Shooting

Keeping with the weird but true NFL stories, Nevada police are seeking former NFL kicker Cole Ford in connection with a drive by shooting at the home of Siegfried & Roy.

Ford, 31, whose three-year NFL career ended in 1997 after a poor season, was named in a felony warrant stemming from the Sept. 21 shooting, Sgt. Chris Jones said.

Police identified Ford as the owner of a white minivan from which shots were allegedly fired at the compound owned by former illusionists Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn. No one was hurt, but police said shotgun pellets shattered windows and left a hole in a wall.

Police have not said if the men were home at the time.

Jones said police considered Ford armed and dangerous, and said he might be living in a low-budget hotel or camping in southern Nevada or nearby states.

Like it ain’t enough that the poor magician got mauled by a tiger last year, now skeezer homophobes are taking shots at his house. The shooter is down and out in Las Vegas. I like the bit about Ford living out of his minivan, laying low at campgrounds out in the desert. Reminds me of the Monkey Wrench Gang, but most likely he’s just living in a van, down by the river. Wonder if he’s eating government cheese too?