Daily Archives: 10/10/2004

Got Tone

Well I’m glad that’s over.

I didn’t go to the movies this afternoon. Instead I spent a few hours washing and waxing the Blue Torpedo, removing the dirt and making her all shiny again. I just got back upstairs and discovered the DSL line is working again. Glory be.

Surfing Like It’s 1999

Back to the wonderful world of dial-up.

Well my DSL line went kaput sometime overnight. I’m not surprised, it’s been up, down, up, down, down for weeks now. Yesterday it was down most of the day, and when it was up it was painfully slow. And since it’s Sunday, nobody’s working at GTA and no service until tomorrow – that’s if they have the parts to fix this crusty old DSL system. So it’s back to my trusty 33.6 modem and the World Wide Wait.