Daily Archives: 10/13/2004

Green Getting Worse Every Week

Boy, if there was ever a disappointing first round pick in fantasy football, it’s Ahman Green. Like the article says, Green getting worse every week, and so are the Packers. I am getting frustrated with Green’s non-existance in my fantasy lineup, week after week.

Since rushing 33 times for 119 yards in Green Bay’s opening win at Carolina, Green’s carries have fallen to 24, 17, 15 and 10 in his last four games, all losses.

He hasn’t reached the end zone since scoring three times in the opener, and his yards have dipped from 128 in Week 2 — when his fumble led to a game-turning 95-yard touchdown return by Chicago — to 67, 58 and 33.

He looks nothing like the running back who gained 1,887 yards and scored 20 touchdowns a year ago, and consequently, the Packers look nothing like a team that came within an overtime loss at Philadelphia of reaching the NFC title game in January.

Ahman Fumblerooski Green actually had negative points for most of the Monday night game since in my league fumbles are -2 points. The idiot just can’t hold onto the ball. I understand he only holds the ball in his left arm, obviously that’s giving defenses an easy, consistent target for stripping the ball.

It doesn’t help that Travis Creaky Joints Henry is the #2 back and the entire bench of backup players consists of Najeh Poop Stain Davenport, Larry Trade my Diaper Wearing Ass Johnson, Julius Out for the Season Jones, and Tatum I’ll never get to play Bell. Henry and Bell are the only ones worth hanging onto.

On the upside, Green’s pathetic performance means the Packers are throwing a lot more, and Javon Walker is a favorite target. And he’s on my roster, performing nicely.

I guess I shouldn’t be bitching. The team’s 5-0 and sitting atop the league, but this running back problem troubles me.