Daily Archives: 10/20/2004

Typhoon Update

Typhoon Forecast To Pass South Of Guam. The good news is the storm will pass south of Guam further than originally thought. Nock-Ten finally started moving this morning, and is now 185 miles south of Guam. Closest approach will be this evening at 130 miles. The island remains in Condition 1.

It’s sunny outside right now, but the wind is whipping at about 25-30 mph. Stuff’s getting blown about outside, trees are swaying in the wind. Surf is pretty dramatic off Ylig Bay. There’s been very little rain so far.

Heineken Outrigger Cup

Before I forget to post the link, this weekend marked the First Annual Heineken International Outrigger Invitational, a racing event held by the Outrigger Guam Canoe Club. Sprints were held on Saturday, open water distance race was on Sunday. Teams from Guam, Hawaii, Australia and Hong Kong raced in the events. Results are posted on the Outrigger Guam web page. Hell, the event even got a couple write ups in the paper.

I’d like to say I paddle, but since it’s been over two years since I sat in a canoe I can’t really make that assertion anymore. Last time I paddled was before Typhoon Chata’an in July 2002. I remember showing up for a couple practices immediately after the typhoon and the only other guy to show up was Fred Schroeder. Things never got back together after Chata’an and Ha Long struck within a few days of each other. Those storms in July ’02 were the death knell for that particular team.

I have this vague idea that I could start paddling again, but it seems like all the practice times are 5:30 in the morning. Sorry Charlie, that just isn’t going to happen.

Waiting For A Nock-Ten

During the last three hours, Typhoon Nock-Ten stalled out and stopped its west-northwestward motion. The island remains in Condition 1. The weather is quite weird, brief bouts of rain followed by sparkling sunshine. I’ve spotted four magnificent rainbows this morning.

Here’s the requisite storm links:

There’s many more stories, those are the most recent. Basically the island is bunkered down, waiting for the storm to either pass away to the south or wallop the southern half of the island. My bad luck I live in the south…

Nock, Nock Nock-Ten on the Island’s Door

Nock-Ten is a very slow moving, erratic storm. It is 7:00 am right now and the island is in Condition 1. But the storm has not really changed position since sundown last night. Latest storm track has it passing to the south of Guam tonight around 10:00 pm.

Right now there is an eerie calm outside. The clouds moved in overnight, and they are rapidly scudding across the sky, drawn inexorably towards the eye of the storm. Winds are about 10 mph from the north right now.

I slapped up the shutters last night and secured the yard. Now it is time to hunker down. I have heard anything about reporting to work. In fact I am calling the employee emergency hotline. Voice mail hell… And there’s Gus’ voice, faint over the phone line… Well he said to continue monitoring the storm and to stay safe. I’m guessing that means stay home.