Daily Archives: 10/27/2004

Trip Down St. Louis’ Rabbit Hole

The latest story in Wired’s Road Trip down the Mississippi River is a stop at Bob Cassilly’s City Museum. Wired News: Trip Down St. Louis’ Rabbit Hole is a brief description of Cassilly’s creation, an interactive museum space that encourages play.

I thought this was worth posting since Bob Cassilly is the source of several entertaining family stories. He went to school with my brother and they were in Boy Scouts together too. The gist of the stories was that Bob was more than a bit nuts, with a penchant for making pipe bombs.

Gas Prices Rise Again

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Been quite busy at work and I ain’t had much to say. However this gets my goat up: Gasoline price goes over $2.50. Yes gas is now $2.52 at Mobil stations and $2.54 a gallon at Shell stations. The 76 stations will follow suit today or tomorrow. Time to bust out the bicycle again.