Local News Roundup

Time for a quick trip through local headlines:

  • 12 people were arrested last night for the murder of a 25 year old at a birthday party last weekend. Apparently things got out of hand as the party was closing down and a gigantic brawl erupted by the bar and spilled out onto the street. Two men were stabbed, one died enroute to the hospital. The other was hospitalized with his wounds, and was arrested last night for rioting. How many times do I have to tell you? You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight…
  • Indigent families face eviction and homelessness after a local charity foundation shut off the power in the building were they live. The James Ji Foundation apparently cut the power to a hotel and attached low income housing over a dispute with the hotel’s management over the electric bill. The Foundation, which owns the building, said the power will not be returned until the hotel management vacates the premises, leaving the families housed there sitting in the dark. Several people involved in this foundation are convicted felons, and the whole thing seems underhanded and shady, with these poor families just caught in the crossfire.
  • What’s the deal with this polygraph test for acting police chief Frank Ishizaki? Senator John Quinata has held up Ishizaki’s nomination for untold months now, citing the results of this routine polygraph Ishizaki took as part of the nomination process. This story will not die. According to KUAM, some of Ishizaki’s responses were troubling, but he passed the test nonetheless. Apparently he padded some hours on his timecard or something. Big deal.
  • Hey, this looks interesting: There will be a public tour of the archaeological site at Ylig Bay today, directly below where I live. This is the site that was turned up by the contractors and stalled the construction and road widening project for so long. It starts at 9:30 today. I might just have to skip some work and check this out. I’ve been curious about the archaeologist’s mitigation efforts because of all the erosion and exposure to wild animals at the site.
  • I was stuck in traffic in Chalan Pago for about 45 minutes last night. I grumbled something about campaign boosters blocking traffic, but when I got further up the line I saw all the cops, TV crews, and flashing lights. ‘Must’ve been a bad accident,’ I said to myself. Well no – it was the scene of a car chase and shootout by police. A sixteen year old boy stole a van and got chased by police. He turned around on Route 4 just past the church and charged the pursuing officers in the van. They shot him, causing him to run the van off the road into a campaign sign. The kid then tried to flee on foot but he was wounded and didn’t get far.

That’s all I have time for this morning. I’m heading off to Japan this afternoon, so don’t expect any posts for a few days. I promise to post pictures upon my return.

Esta gupa!