More Local News

I think I cut myself short this morning. How about some more local news?

  • More on this damn polygraph thing. After reading the polygraph results that were leaked to KUAM, I have to say I ain’t surprised about the brouhaha now. Let’s see, Ishizaki admits to
    • Stealing thousands of dollars of government materiel from the FBI
    • Falsifying time cards for years in order to receive 25% more pay
    • Being under a cloud of suspicion for giving secrets away to the Chinese (?!)
    • Stealing stuff from his friends and neighbors
    • Cheating on his wife

    I think I was wrong in my earlier assessment. He doesn’t belong at the head of the police department. On the other hand, sounds like Ishizaki would fit right in with GovGuam’s miserable track record of other political appointee’s.

  • Another pervo nabbed. Richard Allen Quinata was charged in court yesterday with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct. Seem he was having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old, for the last two years. He actually got her pregnant at age 12 and continued daily sexual intercourse with her for the last two years. Creepy…
  • The never ending struggle over Prop A. To say that the proposition to legalize casino gambling on Guam is a fraught issue with the public is putting it mildly. Lots of high emotion, political posturing and typical Guam screw-ups over this ballot initiative. The big development in this story is the foul-up by the Guam Election Commission. The GEC failed to mail out copies of the ballot initiative to all registered voters, prompting the AG to jump into the fray and state that any results on Prop A in the general election next week will be invalid. Prop A backers are pushing for a special election to be held at a later date, the legislature passed a bill a couple days ago authorizing the vote to go forward on November 2nd, various pro-gambling and church opposition groups are suing each other and the election commission. The whole thing is a colossal mess. I am for casino gambling, I don’t gamble so I really don’t care. I do think casinos would bring more tourists and more jobs to Guam, that’s enough for me. Seems like all the anti-casino groups are more interested in protecting people from themselves and treating the public like little children. Frankly I’m sick of the entire thing and I can’t wait for it to be settle one way or another.
  • Those dueling doctors and their cancer clinics. Accusations are flying around about the showdown between local doctors Kia Rahmani and Nathaniel Berg. Rahmani announced his plans for a non-profit cancer clinic several months ago. Just before Rahmani’s scheduled opening, radiologist Nathaniel Berg announced he was opening a cancer center too, sparking a tiff between the two doctors. Things quickly escalated when Rahmani’s oncologist was caught practicing medicine before the Guam Board of Medical Examiners issued him a license. Rahmani insisted it was an accident, an oversight, and started screaming bloody murder when the board decided to investigate the matter. Seems the chairman of the medical board is in business with Berg, and there was rumors flying about some plan to sabotage the competition. Puh-lease. Typical rampant rumors on Guam. Seems like there has been plenty of obfuscation on both sides of the issue if you ask me.

Okay, that’s it. Off to the airport now. I’ll check back in on Monday…