The Inevitable World Series Post

Let’s just say this former St. Louisan was more than a bit disappointed in the Cardinals’ dismal World Series performance. I certainly thought the Red Birds would mount an exciting series instead of being swept in 4 games by the Red Sox. How depressing. I had such high hopes, the Cardinals were a major force all through the season, their bats were just on fire all season long. But Boston’s pitching shut them down – hard. I will certainly be drinking more than a few teary beers this weekend.

2 thoughts on “The Inevitable World Series Post

  1. Anonymous

    I figured the Cards’ bats would not be silenced by Boston pitching. Did Rolen even get a hit in the series?


  2. Anonymous

    OK, upon further review of your links, it was confirmed Rolen went O-fer-series. Unreal.


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