Daily Archives: 11/03/2004

Election Results

The results are in. The Republicans gain a commanding lead in the Guam Legislature, probably due to the tax hikes of last year that the Democrats pushed through. Looks like the Republicans now have a 10-5 majority in the legislature and not a single Republican was voted out of office. Five democratic incumbents got the boot this year, including current Speaker of the Legislature Ben Pangelinan.

Prop A went down in flames, the way all gambling initiatives do. Over 61% of voters said no to the gambling referendum. Never underestimate the stranglehold the church has on the general populace of Guam.

And it looks like Pedo won a close race in Yoña for mayor, 991 to 879 for former mayor Bernardo. I didn’t think it would be this close.

Election results are available at the PDN and KUAM news.