Daily Archives: 11/04/2004

Final Election Results

The Guam Election Commission is meeting this morning to certify the final general election results for 2004. Final score, Republicans gain control of the legislature with 9 senators to the Democrats 6 seats. The heartbreaker loss goes Speaker Ben Pangelinan, who lost by just four votes.

It will be interesting to see what happens now that Republicans control both the governor’s house and the legislature. I expect a lot of pro-business legislation, and a sustained effort to get the military to invest in Guam. Maybe we’ll even get an aircraft carrier based here, that would really boost the local economy.

I am much more at peace with Guam’s moderate Republicans than I am with that simpering idiot in the White House. I expect a vigorous pursuit of the war on terror, with plenty of growth in the Halliburton/Bechtel government parasites sector of the economy. The world at large will continue to despise this administration, and the divisions between America and the rest of the world will widen. Civil liberties four American citizens will diminish with the Patriot Act II, and the appointment of four new right wing Supreme Court Justices will cement the conservative agenda for decades to come. With Bush’s Clean Air (pollute all you want) and Healthy Forests (cut ’em all down) initiatives, the coming environmental catastrophe will be accelerated, and it will hit us and the world with a stunning ferocity. Think things are bad now, just wait until the oceanic ecosystem collapses utterly and billions start going hungry. Global warming will deliver the knockout blow, altering climatic patterns and turning fertile lands into desert, causing more hunger and deaths. All these environmental pressures will translate into more and more reactionary governments, as war and social unrest over the increasingly scarce resources devours moderate and liberal democracies in a spiraling paroxysm of violence. Thankfully with Bush’s No Child Left Behind program, the next generation will be too stupid to realize the raw deal we’ve given them.

Yes, it’s a great new day for the United States and the world. Maybe we’ll get lucky and a gigantic asteroid will sterilize our planet, eradicate this debacle we’ve created, and start over with something else, like ants or cockroaches.

Sorry, got off on a bit of a screed there. I guess I am a little discouraged at the direction the world is heading.