Daily Archives: 11/05/2004

The Red Menace

I think this just about sums it up:
Daily Mirror-November 3, 2004
Folks across the internet are still coming to grips with this election. William Gibson is plain upset. PZ Myers is stunned that the country choose a jingoistic, xenophobic smirker over a patriot. Joe Duemer is worried about the rise of “Christofascism” which is culturally more in tune with the enemy “Islamofascists” of the Mideast than with our traditional allies in Europe. Fred Clark is also concerned about the surging tide of Christian Fundamentalism sweeping the country, and successful co-option of religion by the corporatist Republican machine. Atrios is coming to the realization that the country is a Republican country, and that the Democrats are increasingly isolated and marginalized.

The fact is a great deal of the country doesn’t care for what the Democratic Party stands for anymore. Here’s a graphic of the national voting for president, broken down by county:
2004 presidential election by county
It’s a vast sea of red. And it is not going to change anytime soon. There is a strong sense of recidivism in our country, an anti-intellectual sentiment that fosters an “us” versus “them” mentality. What baffles me is the besieged mentality of this affluent, white, Protestant Christian evangelical community. There is a great belief that Republicans and conservatives are a persecuted and oppressed minority in this country, suffering constant hardships from the liberal elite in Massachusetts and Hollywood. Take a look at that damn map up above. Who’s the minority in this country?

I was listening to David Frum on Fresh Air this evening and all I could think was “apologist” and “moderate mouthpiece.” For all this talk of healing and bipartisanship will not last. The Republicans will browbeat the Democratic minority in the Congress, box them out, shun them and let them wither in the political wastelands.

Maybe it’s about time I started looking at other options. Or maybe it’s is time to dig in and fight even harder for a better tomorrow.