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  • Caught a fairly interesting travelogue on the Discovery Channel a couple days ago. It was about this French woman wandering through the hinterlands of eastern Tibet, documenting mysterious stone towers that dot the region. Most of these towers were built over 800 years ago, and they don’t seem to have served any particular function. The local people offer up various stories but since they lacked a written language most of the history of these fascinating towers is lost to the sands of time. There wasn’t much science or history in the show, but the photography was spectacular. I enjoyed watching that program. Unfortunately I only caught the last half hour of the program, so I don’t know what it was called. Turns out she is Ted Turner’s new girlfriend. A little Google goes a long way. Here’s the program page from Discovery Channel Online.
  • Read an interesting story about diesel powered fuel cells last week. It caught my eye because I thought it was about biodiesel. Not exactly. The technology is being explored to replace generators on naval warships, not for consumer energy generation. Frankly I think biodiesel offers more promise for the immediate future.
  • Firefox turns 1.0 at last, and the world is noticing. The upstart Mozilla browser is picking up steam and chipping away at the hegemony of Internet Explorer.
  • The Supreme Court of Guam refused to rehear the government’s case against Pacificare, allowing the company to exit the GovGuam market after a year long legal battle. The decision augers more troubles for the government in the not to distant future. Only two insurers are left in the GovGuam market, and both of them are complaining about their losses. GovGuam needs to revamp their healthcare package before every insurer bails out and leaves all those people with no medical coverage.
  • And to those that care, I’ll probably post pictures from my trip to Tokyo this coming weekend. I took some nice pictures, but I still have to transfer them off the digital camera and onto my computer. Patience…
  • Anybody want my cat?

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