Mammoth Steaks Tastes Good, I Bet Big Bird Tastes Good Too

Lesser Megalapteryx. Chromolithograph after a painting by George Edward Lodge from W. Rothschild's Extinct BirdsGot New Zealand on my brain today. And what do I discover on Yahoo? Lost giant: Why did the moa become extinct? Short answer: Because they tasted good.

Moa were gigantic birds that lived in New Zealand until the arrival of humans 700 years ago. Relatives of the ostrich and the emu, 11 species of moa lived in forested areas throughout the north and south islands. The generally accepted story is that the early Maori found the large moa easy to hunt (and quite tasty) and drove the species to extinction. This article suggests that the moa populations were in serious decline by the time humans arrived in Aotearoa. But humans still ate the last of them.

Reminds me of this show Northern Exposure which played on CBS in the early nineties. I remember one episode that the uptight doctor discovered a mammoth carcass in a melting glacier face, only to be dismayed when his neighbors carve up the beast and barbecue him. Why would they destroy such a valuable scientific discovery? Because mammoth tastes good.

I wonder if moa tastes like turkey?

3 thoughts on “Mammoth Steaks Tastes Good, I Bet Big Bird Tastes Good Too

  1. Anonymous

    Come on, Mr. Tom. You know everything tastes like chicken. Because chicken is delicious.


  2. Thomas

    I was actually listening to Widespread Panic when I wrote that post. Have you ever heard them? They got this song Contentment Blues where they are singing about chicken during the chorus, cuz chicken tastes good. A bucket of fried on the front porch…

    Got a bucket of fried on the bench beside me
    Enough chicken for one man’s needs
    Life’s been getting a little bit easy lately
    Been swingin’ from tree to tree
    No place I gotta be
    Come on up in a tree
    My chicken tastes good
    My chicken tastes good
    I love my chicken
    I love my chicken in a tree

  3. Anonymous

    Of course, man. You turned me on to them with the Space Wrangler, which I now own along with a couple others. Haven’t listened to it in a while, though, so I don’t recall the Contentment Blues.

    Aside: Going to see Drive-By Truckers in Austin tomorrow. Gonna listen to some songs about moonshine, guns, trains, and Buford Pusser. Oh yeah, and drink some Shiners.


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