Daily Archives: 11/12/2004

Neighborhood Burglars CAUGHT!

For a bit of local news, police nabbed the thieves that were terrorizing our neighborhood for a couple months. I got the news from my landlady in an email…

BTW, THEY CAUGHT the burglary ring that terrorized our neighborhood! Joey Duenas just happened to be at home when they hit. He tackled one of the youngest–several were juvenile–and laid on top of him while calling 911. The others fled, but the young kid squealed “like a pig.”

Crime Lab had lifted enough fingerprints to tie ALL of them to ALL the houses on our street that had been hit. Because they also stole firearms, the burglaries are FELONIES. Kids are at DYA. There were 5-7 total involved in this strange ring.

They were brazen enough to be drinking beer and partying in the pool level apt. while the tenants upstairs were home (Callaghan’s rental house).

Info came yesterday from the EPA lady renting that house. She got some of her keepsake jewelry back, but not her laptop which she had NOT backed up! Police also recovered about 12 backpacks — used to carry the booty out from each house.

So the crime wave is hopefully at an end. These jerks broke into a bunch of houses on the street, stealing bizarre crap and vandalizing houses. Guess they’ll be doing hard time now.