3 thoughts on “Off On Vacation

  1. Anonymous

    one 10-seater van, one surfboard, one bbq grill, one guitar, one bongo drum, a bag of ‘camel’ cigarettes, plenty smooth tunes, and 5 semi-sane mates await you tomas….hope you have the proper zories on your feet. cuz this one is gonna hurt ye. prepare for one long smiling vacation. see you upon arrival, multiple cold six packs will be waiting. auckland and the coromandel peninsula await us….. cc…wish u were here…
    peace. ngang.

  2. Anonymous

    Avast, ye frickin’ scalawags. Have a good time and pack extra socks. Ye may need ’em if ye have a few too many Mac’s Gold, if ye ken what I mean. Wish I was there to pillage and plunder with ye, but I’ll be hunting bear in the Texas hill country. Remember, only 1 rider to a camel.

    Cap’n Cook

  3. Anonymous

    11 hours to tomas arrival, have the mac’s firmly between the legs…but i just might ride one camel to the airport…must…keep…perspective…


    mr. cunane

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