Typhoon Nanmadol

People walk across an almost deserted bridge in Galbadon, northern Philippines, as heavy rains signal the arrival of Typhoon Nanmadol, the second such storm to hit in the space of a week. Photograph: Aaron Favila/AP
One final post on Typhoon Nanmadol and the devastation in the Philippines. The latest storm left approximately 30 people dead in its wake, in addition to the nearly 1,000 that perished in a series of earlier storms.

Aid workers and relief supplies are stymied in their attempts to reach the affected areas. The roads are washed out and seas are too rough. A naval vessel bearing supplies was forced to turn back because of rough seas, so 400 soldiers are marching into the area on foot, bearing relief supplies. Government officials are urging people to bury their dead. The major fear is that all the corpses and lack of sanitation will lead to outbreaks of disease.

Authorities are placing the blame for the devastation on illegal timber logging, which has left many areas susceptible to heavy rains and landslides.

In addition to the horrific human cost of this storm season, estimates place the agricultural loss in livestock and crops at 1.3 billion pesos ($23 million). This is truly a catastrophe for the Philippines. I urge people to help send relief aid or money to the Philippines.

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  1. Thomas

    An update on donations for the victims of Typhoon Nanmadol: Local Filipino businesspeople and First Lady Joann Camacho have formed Tulong Kabayan Guam to collect relief aid on-island for people caught in the wake of last week’s storms. Here’s how to help:
    Canned goods or monetary donations will be accepted at the following locations, beginning today: National Office Supply in Barrigada, Micronesia Mall and Tamuning; KTKB 101.9 studio in Harmon, across from Genghis Khan furniture; the Philippine Consulate office in the ITC building; the communications department at the governor’s office, Adelup; Pinoy Express in Dededo; Rustans Foreign Exchange in Harmon; GPE in Harmon; and Triple J Motors, Tamuning.

    Canned goods only will be accepted at the following locations: Mayor’s offices in Yigo, Dededo, Tamuning, Mangilao and Agat; Ben & Yans Restaurant on Route 16, Harmon; Marina Restaurant in the Harmon industrial park; and AAA’s Video in NCS Dededo and Agat.

    Blankets, clothing, food and other items that might be useful to disaster victims can be dropped off at: Consolidated Transportation Service Incorporated, in the Harmon Industrial Park (make a left at the three-way stop, then take the first right turn); and KTKB 101.9 studio in Harmon, across from Genghis Khan furniture. CTSI plans to fill only one container and send it to the ABS-CBN Foundation in the Philippines.

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