Japan Festival

Singers perform at the Japanese Autumn Festival
Guam was treated to a taste of Japan last night during the 25th annual Japanese Autumn Festival, hosted by the Japan Club of Guam. This was the first time I attended the Ypao Beach festival in about nine years, and it has really grown much bigger. Thousands of people were milling about in the mud and intermittent rain last night. The festival was ringed by booths selling food, drinks and trinkets, most notably these flashing stars shaped things on elastic cords. The entire place was punctuated by the light of twinkling plastic stars twirling around and being thrown through the air. I ate my fill of yakitori, checked out the booths, and watched the taiko drummers for a bit before catching a ride with Fumiko Ziemer back to my car at the GPO parking lot. A fun night, even if it was muddy at Ypao.

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