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Still on vacation, and loving every ice-cold, freezing rain and sleet moment of it. Apparently temperatures in St. Louis are at their lowest since the winter of 2000. I had to go to Sears on Monday and buy a coat to keep myself warm. There is a chance of snow today, so I might even get a white Christmas this year.

The grisly news in frigid Missouri right now is the shocking murder of a 23 year old woman in northwestern Missouri. Lisa Montgomery, of Melvern Kansas, travelled to Skidmore Missouri last Thursday, ostensibly to purchase some dogs. In fact she strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett, a pregnant woman who was selling the dogs. Montgomery then tore the unborn baby from her dead mother’s womb and stole the infant. She was desperate for a child of her own and concocted this horrible scheme after meeting Stinnett online. The grisly kidnapper was apprehended back in Kansas, after showing the baby to several people in a roadside diner. Bobbie Jo Stinnett was buried Tuesday afternoon, the murderer is behind bars, and the baby is back home safely.

The story has garnered international attention from the news media, but not many are making the connection to Skidmore’s violent history.

In 1981, “the Skidmore Bully,” Ken Rex McElroy, was gunned down in broad daylight. The illiterate son of a sharecropper, McElroy had terrorized residents for years. Dozens of residents were believed to have witnessed the shooting.

No one said a thing. No arrests were made. The media labeled it “a vigilante killing.” The incident inspired a best-selling book and film.

In 2000, Wendy Gillenwater was beaten to death in town by her boyfriend. A few months later, Branson Kayne Perry, 20, disappeared from his Skidmore home. His family believes he is dead. Authorities spent two years trying to connect his disappearance to a convicted child pornographer. The case remains a mystery.

Resident Richard Jones, 64, said the town’s reputation for the macabre is undeserved. “It’s getting to be a normal thing – and that’s not good.”

In such a small place, the incidents are bound to scar residents again and again, but no one more than Jo Ann Stinnett, 64.

Wendy Gillenwater was her granddaughter. Branson Perry was her grandson. And her grandson Zeb Stinnett was married to Bobbie Jo.

Skidmore is quite the macabre little town. It’s almost out of the X-Files or something. I am at a loss for how a small town of 400 people attracts a string of violent crimes over the course of two decades. This latest murder is by far the grisliest episode to date. I hope that nothing like this ever happens again in Skidmore, the town has seen enough violence.

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  1. Merm

    Hello Thomas, I’ve been reading your blog for the past half hour or so. I came across it by accident. I was on the Guam realty website and saw a house in Yona that’s for sale. It said it was on Pulantat road. I wondered what part of Yona that was, so I thought maybe I’d bring up a road map by doing a search for Pulantat Road on Google. (I know that was pretty far-fetched, but hey it can happen.) Anyway, I’m a former resident of Guam looking to move home again. You’re very good at the blogging thing. I’m a teacher in Colorado and had started a blog about my teaching days, but just had a difficult time keeping it up. My daughter, an avid blogger, said it’s because I expect too much out of my blogs and don’t write if I can’t write thorough accounts. She’s probably right. Anyway, nice reading you.

  2. Anonymous

    tomas. seeing that you are so very far, and very near…stop with the trivia and tell us all what the global temperature is in jesusland during this fine xmas season. and please don’t spare us any cynical analyses. happy fallujah and all the best in 2005. me next cocktail is for you. peace. tibbetts.

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