Daily Archives: 01/07/2005

Frank Lloyd Wright A Tough Sell

I found this interesting after spending a week in Oak Park, the putative ground zero of Frank Lloyd Wright mania in the country. My Guam paper had an AP article about how Frank Lloyd Wright homes are a tough sell in today’s real estate market. People want gigantic living rooms and kitchens, features not available in Wright’s intimate homes. In fact some home owners are razing their homes designed by the architect and building new, modern structures on the property.

Back Home Again

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been busy enjoying the real world for the last few weeks. Besides my sister doesn’t have an internet connection at her house in Chicago.

I got back home to Guam late last night. I am a little jet lagged, so after work I went straight to bed and slept until 3:00 am. I guess I’m up for the day now.

The trip was a good one. I am certainly glad to be home, but an ache of separation from my family twinges the back of my thoughts. I’ve been so far away for so very long. Maybe it’s just guilt, or the fact that my parents and every sibling asked me, “So when are you moving back? Are you ever coming back?”

I know I’ve mentioned this “B” movie that was shot on Guam last year, Max Havoc and the Curse of the Dragon. Well the film is still in production and many of the scenes shot on Guam were dropped, leaving only a few exterior shots still in the movie. “‘The film was re-shot, almost entirely, in Los Angeles,’ said Ralph Coon, a lighting assistant who worked on Guam but who no longer is involved with the film.”

I sure am glad the Guam Economic Development Authority sunk over a million dollars into a loan guaranty for this movie, mostly at the urging of the director Albert Pyun, who was removed from the production. The deal behind that loan guaranty was to publicize Guam as a tourist destination. Looks like that was money well spent.

Oh, but we at least we got a 30 second public service announcement from Carmen Electra out of the deal right? Well, actually the Guam Visitor’s Bureau had to pony up $24,000 for the anti-littering spot.