Daily Archives: 01/11/2005

Odds ‘N Ends

A couple things I think bear mentioning:

  • The Stone Wall, a delightful little flash story at Locus Novus. A synthesis of art, text, images, music – I guess this is the new frontier of hypertext.
  • Ursula Le Guin offers her apologies for the recent Earthsea miniseries that ran on the Sci Fi Channel. I regret that I missed it, I was traveling at the time. I really wanted to catch the television adaptation of one of my favorite stories. Looks like I didn’t miss much. Le Guin absolutely loathed it. I still might try and watch it, though it won’t air again until March 1, 2005. I’ll keep an eye out for it, just so I can see how bad it truly is.
  • Something I’ve always regretted is abandoning piano lessons after only 5 months. Well, maybe it’s time I looked into learning to play the piano as an adult. I remember something called the “Miracle Piano” about a decade ago; it was a MIDI keyboard that plugged into the computer along with interactive lessons and games to get people playing the piano. I wonder if there’s still anything like that out there?
  • Looking at the Timeline for the Age of Spiritual Machines from Raymond Kurzweil, it looks like he expects us all to become digital constructs by the end of this century. I’ll pass.