Daily Archives: 01/13/2005

All Broadband Is Not Created Equal

I was talking with a coworker today about how Kuentos has ramped up their cable internet service. Another of the IT guys switched from DSL to cable and he loves it. At the same time, our marketing guy has EC Comm’s DSL and he thinks it’s the bee’s knees. He said he’s clocking over 900 Kbps on his DSL, and sometimes in excess of 1 Mbps. I was flabbergasted. My DSL out here in the sticks is much slower. Here’s my results for broadband down here in Yona:

  • Kuentos/MCV Cable High Speed: 1204.6 Kbps This is coming off Dianne’s Airport, which is plugged into her cable modem. For the longest time, Kuentos/MCV’s internet service was downright pokey. Guess it ain’t anymore. That’s scorching fast!
  • EC Comm/GTA aDSL: 333.2 Kbps This is straight from my Linksys router, plugged into my Nortel DSL modem. What I’m getting is a far cry from the 1.28 Mbps advertised on EC Comm’s website. Now I am well within the 15,000 foot limit for the Talofofo RSC according to the DSL map EC Comm provides. I think I need to make a couple phone calls and see what’s what.

I used CNET’s Bandwidth Meter Speed Test for this evaluation not five minutes ago. Those results are pretty dramatic.

I guess this means I should go with cable, but there is always the typhoon factor. The phone lines are safely underground while the cable dangles on the power poles. After every typhoon the cable fiber network is demolished. Since I live in the sparsely populated south, it takes Marianas Cablevision almost six months to get down to my neighborhood and fix the cable tv. That’s a long time to go without broadband.

Traffic Chaos

Well, the traffic lights in Tamuning were out tonight. Apparently they were out all afternoon. The power wasn’t down, so I guess it was some sort of computer glitch at Public Works. The cops were out at the intersections, but somebody should really issue them reflective gear and flashlights for these situations. Dark blue uniforms and black jackets are not exactly easy to spot at night. As I approached the Marine Drive/Camp Watkins Road intersection (the Pizza Hut in Tamuning), I could hear the cop’s whistle, but I’ll be damned if I could see him. I stopped just in case and good thing I did, cross traffic started coming out from Camp Watkins Road.

Don’t get me wrong, I was plenty happy to see a cop at the intersection. Usually once the lights go off it is utter mayhem at traffic lights on Guam.