Moleskines & Mac Minis

Mac Mini and Moleskine, from RohDesign.comThe last week has been a busy one in the Apple Macintosh world. The MacWorld Expo was the scene of Apple’s latest unveilings, the Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle. Looks like Apple is finally making a serious move for the low end computer market. The Mac Mini is creating a lot of buzz around the web, and I am sure the iPod Shuffle will sell like hotcakes. Apple is banking on the “halo effect” from iPod users to generate interest in the Mac Minis. Hell, I’d buy one if I hadn’t just bought a regular iPod. I really hope the Mac Mini sparks sales of Apple Computers. The Macintosh is insanely great, always has been, always will be.

On a related note, another topic bouncing around on the internet for the last week is the current buzz gathering about Moleskine notebooks. Apparently even the Wall Street Journal is talking about the leather lined notebooks. These decidedly low-tech artifacts are enormously popular amongst the digerati. I must confess, I got a couple Moleskines laying about my house and they are pretty damn nice notebooks. I use them constantly when traveling. And it’s not just because Van Gogh and Hemingway used Moleskines; that accordion pocket in the back is so damn useful. I stuff my passport and tickets in there, a postcard or two, and various receipts I want to keep handy. No batteries needed, rugged, portable and useful – who needs a PDA?