Daily Archives: 01/22/2005

Protests At Inauguration

You’d be hard pressed to find mention of protesters at George II’s coronation this week, but they were there.
Police spray protesters with pepper spray
Looks pretty awful, doesn’t it? Police dousing protesters on such a cold wintry day. Well that ain’t water – it’s pepper spray. Oh yeah, notice how the protesters are barricaded behind a fence from the procession route.

Good thing Bush is a uniter, not a divider.

Shinohara Not Guilty

I have not mentioned it here, but Gil Shinohara, the former administration’s chief of staff and Carl Gutierrez’s right-hand man, was on trial in San Francisco for corruption and bribery charges. The federal government’s case was constructed around the endorsement that former rival Tommy Tanaka gave Gutierrez in 1997, and the fact that Tanaka’s construction firm received a large government contract to build school bus shelters immediately after his endorsement ran in the newspaper. In addition, Shinohare was under indictment for fraudulent loans and bribes received during a business deal to secure Pedro’s Plaza, the former police headquarters in Agaña. The case was handed to the jury on Friday, and it took them less than two hours to find Shinohara not guilty.

Another high profile prosecution of a former Gutierrez administration official, another not guilty verdict. This is becoming embarassing for the government.