Lost Cave Explorer Survives A Month

The oddest story of the day: A Frenchman was found over the weekend after being lost in a cavern for almost a month. He apparently left home with a bottle of whiskey and went to the cave to be alone. He got lost in the caverns and subsisted for a month in the dark by eating rotten wood and clay. His car was found by some teenagers exploring the caves on Thursday and he was rescued by authorities on Friday.

He ate clay and wood for a month. I guess it’s one could say the dude was literally shitting bricks down there.

1 thought on “Lost Cave Explorer Survives A Month

  1. Anonymous

    By the time they got him out of there, he was probably built like a shit brick house.

    I saw on the Discovery that there is powdered and bottled homeopathic clay available that you mix into your bevvy of choice and hammer back. They say the clay is an antioxidant, free-radical binder sort of calmative. I stick to the Play-Doh. The red tastes like burning.


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