Damage To Sub Revealed

Sorry I couldn’t find a picture, but last night KUAM ran a story on the U.S.S. San Francisco being put in the Guam Shipyard’s dry dock. The story ran with video released by the Navy showing the extensive damage to the submarine’s prow. The drydock at the Guam Shipyard is not qualified to work on nuclear vessels, but the Navy authorized this one time event to assess the damage to the submarine. I’m sorry I can’t find a photo, but boy that sub sure looks like a mess. The outer hull of the submarine is completely sheared off in the video released yesterday. It’s a miracle only one person died in the accident.

2 thoughts on “Damage To Sub Revealed

  1. Merm

    Wow, they really did some damage to that thing. Thanks for the information about how it ran aground. I wondered about that–why their sonar didn’t detect it. I didn’t know that they usually keep it turned off. That’s really scary!

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