Daily Archives: 01/31/2005

A Hazy Shade of Winter

A nasty volcanic haze hung all over the island today. Speculation puts the source as the Anatahan volcano north of Saipan. All I know is that it is nasty breathing the stuff; my eyes are red, my throat is itchy. It sucks because the weather is so nice and cool so my windows are all open. Seems a shame to turn on the air conditioning.

That’s Not My Bag, Baby

Wow, I’m having a hard time typing this right now, I’m laughing so hard. An Oklahoma judge was charged with indecent exposure for using a penis pump while in court, during session, in front of a jury. Holy cow.

…on May 13, while he was presiding over State v. Kurt Arnold Vomberg (who was accused of killing his girlfriend’s 21-month-old daughter), Thompson loudly pumped himself up. Two court employees told investigators that they saw Thompson (pictured in the mug shot at right) attach the suction device to his penis, while five jurors reported hearing whooshing sounds, which they thought were coming from either a bicycle pump, blood pressure cuff, or an air cushion on the judge’s chair.

Wow. I had no idea they really made those things. Wow.