Daily Archives: 02/04/2005

Associated Press Gets Punked

This is almost the funniest thing I’ve heard all week, it’s right up there with the judge and his penis pump fetish.

Yesterday I heard the story on NPR about how mujahedeen in Iraq claimed to capture an American soldier. The AP ran with the story and the major news media picked up the tragic story. His picture was posted on the internet by the extremists:

GI Joe captured in Iraq

Looks a little stiff and expressionless doesn’t he? Well there’s a good reason – he’s a fucking GI Joe doll!

GI Joe in mint condition

Of course all the news media are making half-assed excuses about being completely hoodwinked. Bunch of idiots falling over themselves to present the latest gory story and dramatic photo. Over at Fark, they’re having a field day with this, cooking up a plethora of fun images. I especially like this image:

Dan Rather breaks another hoax story

I guess he managed to escape using his kung fu grip. Thank God he’s still in mint condition.

When will the madness in Iraq end? WHEN? How many toys must die for President Bush’s imperial dreams?
Oh God! Not Elmo!