Daily Archives: 02/22/2005

Local New Roundup

Time for another tour through the local headlines. Since the PDN has gone tightass on their content, I will be using KUAM’s story archive from now on. At least somebody in the local media gets it.

  • I watched somebody die today. An accident happened moments before I passed through Pago Bay this morning. It was gruesome.
  • George Bush Sr. pops in again, Governor Camacho gets ignored. George Bush Sr. was on Guam briefly today, returning from his trip through tsunami stricken South Asia. It was priceless watching George Bush Sr. ignore Felix Camacho in the video shown on KUAM. They shook hands, said hello, then Bush turned and walked away with the ComNavMar Rear Admiral Johnson. Felix was caught on tape running after them, looking like “Hey! Guys! Wait for me!” It was pretty funny.
  • Haim Habib pleads no contest in teenage sex case. He will pay a fine, do some community service, and get placed on the sex offender registry. And that’s the end of that.
  • Santa Rita man caught passing funny money at gas station. There’s been a rash of counterfeit money in Agat and Santa Rita lately. This guy says he won the money in a cockfight.
  • Ancient gravesite dug up in Tumon by plumbers. Guess they found the source of that clogged drain pipe.
  • Governor goes insane, or at least he has no grasp of reality. I don’t know what Felix Camacho is smoking, but I want some of that shit. Things a long way from rosy on island, but if things are looking up, you can be sure the Democrats are trying to say it was because of them.