3 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

  1. CC

    Is that a benefit or something? Are they making a special trip out there and high ticket prices are to absorb cost?

    That is one good thing about living in the Bayou City: numerous shows at decent prices, unless you have to use the evil hydra Ticketmaster.

    I got Wilco tickets at 20 bucks apiece, but the Ticketmaster service charge is frickin’ 8 bucks EACH.

    The only other route was to buy through ClearChannel, which is every bit as bad. I wonder if Halliburton sells tickets?

  2. Thomas

    Okay, some more information on this egregious ticket price:
    The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is playing the Hyatt Regency Ballroom on Friday, March 4. Tickets are $150 per person, or $250 per couple, and that includes a New Orleans style dinner (Popeyes Fried Chicken maybe?), cocktails and the music. The event is a charity fundraiser for the Edward Calvo Cancer Foundation – like the Calvo’s don’t have enough money already. I’ve never heard of this foundation before, but then Eddie Calvo just died a few months ago. I suppose this is their first event.

    Anyway, today’s PDN has another full page ad announcing another DDBB concert on Saturday, March 5. This event is also at the Hyatt, but tickets are only $25. That’s more like it. I’ll be going to the Saturday night show.

  3. Anonymous

    thomas…have you no respect! a woman lost her husband to cancer,children lost their father,grandchildren lost their mentor and on goes the list. the calvos do many things for the community!…what do you do besides complain about making a contribution!…he passed away and his family wants to pay tribute to him for being their foundation!…show some respect!

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