Dealer’s Choice

Time for a list of random links, points of interest, and things I’ve come across on the web:

  • New Central Japan Airport – It just opened last month. I’m sure I’ll be transiting through the terminal sometime soon.
  • Aichi World Expo 2005 – Speaking of Nagoya, the new airport opened just in time for the 2005 World Expo in Aichi Prefecture, just outside of Nagoya.
  • Textdrive is offering hosting for life – That’s right, one payment and web hosting until either you or the company dies. Very cool. David, this might be something for you to investigate…
  • Learning modern lessons from the Classics – There’s more to Antigone than you might think.
  • Watch stuff get crushed – Man, watch those industrial shredders rip apart a washing machine, a refrigerator, a steel drum full of concrete, a fishing boat, tires, a couch and even scrap metal.
  • New York Public Library Digital Gallery – A vast collection of freely available images taken from the archives of the New York Public Library.
  • ZetaGrid – Following up on the prime number post, here’s a freely available screensaver that uses idle CPU cycles to crunch out zeta functions in an attempt to prove the Riemann Hypothesis.
  • Einstein@Home – If searching for primes isn’t your cup of tea, how about searching for gravity waves?
  • World Year of Physics 2005 – That Einstein Gravity Wave project is part of the World Year of Physics, an attempt to publicize science and scientific research. Seems like science needs all the help it can get lately.
  • Quantum Diaries – In keeping with the Year of Physics, here’s a collection of scientists blogging about their life and science. Interesting stuff.
  • Ten Years of Yahoo! – 100 things from a 10 year ‘netrospective.’ Remember those good old days when Yahoo ruled the web? Take a trip down net-memory lane.

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