Daily Archives: 03/08/2005

Bobby Fischer Stays In Jail

Looks like Bobby Fischer is headed back to the U.S. after a Japanese court refused to free Fischer and allow him to leave Japan on an Icelandic passport. A grand jury will convene next month to hear a tax evasion case against the chess legend, and if he is indicted the United States will extradite him from Japan.

The U.S. originally revoked his passport because of a 1992 chess re-match with Boris Spassky. The re-match was held in Yugoslavia, violating U.S. sanctions against Americans competing in the country.

Protester Unleashes Bomb Hoax

© PDN photo of Norbert QuinataMost people on Guam have seen Norbert Quinata standing on a corner on Guam for the past several years. His protest signs accuse former Governor Carl Gutierrez of murder, corruption, conspiracy, etc. Mr. Quinata’s been standing a lonely vigil against Gutierrez’s administration for years now, silently protesting the abuses of the the former governor.

Guess the strain got to be too much for him. Yesterday afternoon he walked into the U.S. District Court Building and announced that his cellphone was set to detonate a bomb in his car. The bomb threat evacuated the courthouse, closed down Marine Drive and mobilized the FBI, the ATF, and the Navy’s EOD unit.