Daily Archives: 03/13/2005

Blowing Smoke

Big stinky puffs of hot air surround this whole story. Mark Forbes can talk all he wants, but there will never be a permanent, modern facility for the Guam Museum. The political will is not there, and the funds are definitely not there. And the way GovGuam is circling the drain, the money will never be there.

Setting Up House

Sorry for the long delay between posts. If you catch this page at a bad time it will look pretty horrendous. I’m trying to get a feel for customizing this template and other possible goodies. Don’t worry though, I actually plan to start attending to this weblog real soon. Just give me some more time to monkey around.

Looking Back: Satellite Images

Found a couple interesting satellite images from the past couple years.

There are a few other interesting photos from the Marianas area available on the site, mostly typhoons and tropical storms.