Legend Of Earthsea

Last night Sci Fi Channel rebroadcast the Legend of Earthsea miniseries that originally aired back in December. I taped the broadcast and I finally got a chance to watch the series tonight.

Yep, it sucked. Pretty darn bad show. It’s obvious somebody thought this would be a good chance to mix a Lord of the Rings type quest (look, our small and insignificant hero bearing his magical talisman right into the heart of the evil empire, with a fat guy sidekick in tow) together with some Harry Potter wizardry school crap (spells going poof in the background, wacky wizard teachers, and an annoying popinjay to serve as our hero’s foil). The screenwriters took the plot of two novels and created an unseemly chimera, with no charm and very little sense. This show cheapens Earthsea and is a true disservice to Ursula Le Guin’s enchanting stories.

The brand new tape I bought for this purpose must have some problems since the last 45 minutes or so did not record. But that’s okay, I think I’ll manage without watching that dreck sink to its lousy, inevitable conclusion. Maybe I’ll go page through the books instead and try to recapture the magic of Earthsea.