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I’ve gotten some emails about how comments are not working. Trust me, I feel your pain. About half the time Blogger bonks out when I try to post something. It’s really becoming a major pain in the ass. I am actually saving posts to my hard drive before trying to publish them since it fails so often – it really sucks to lose a post after carefully crafting the damn thing for a half hour or 45 minutes. I think Blogger is really getting slammed – last I heard there’s a new trend of setting up spam blogs that redirect to porn and scam sites. Since Blogger is free, the lowlifes spend their time creating these blogs and then spamming other people with the address. To make matters worse, I really don’t think Blogger is getting much love (or support) from their overlords at Google. Pessimistic rumors say Blogger will fold within a year.

The problems with Blogger have tipped my hand. I’ve been looking at using a different system, and taking some packages out for a test drive. I am currently playing around with a weblogging system called WordPress. Like Blogger, WordPress is free. Like Blogger, I can post to WordPress from computer with access to the internet and a web browser. Unlike Blogger, WordPress is actually installed on my own server, and it serves only myself and not several million other mopes. Interested parties can check it out at Tales of Brave Ulysses – there’s not very much there just yet, so don’t expect much. WordPress looks cool, plus it pushes all the right geek buttons – MySQL, PHP, and CSS.

I’m also looking at a couple other alternatives, Tinderbox, Expression Engine, TextPattern and Drupal. A couple are free, a couple aren’t, but they all have their good points.

Last summer I also took Xanga for a spin, and took a look at Plone. Neither really fit the bill for me. One offered too little and the other too much.

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