Daily Archives: 03/19/2005

Blogger Epidemic

Seems I am not alone in lamenting about Blogger and how difficult it is to post or comment these days. I thought it had something to do with spammers, so do other people.

And here’s some proof:

These were all found by clicking the ‘Next Blog’ button on the blogger toolbar. Each populated with crap by what must be a robot. I suspect this has something to do with Blogger’s recent release of their Atom API documentation, which opens up the Blogger interface to scripting tools (and unfortunately unscrupulous spammers). Looks like Blogger is a victim of their own success. I guess I better start looking at migrating everything over here post haste.

Color Me Interested

I had no idea color laser printers were so affordable now. The HP Color LaserJet 2550 is only $499, $599 with ethernet support. Wow. That’s pretty damn cheap. I know inkjets are much cheaper initially, but they really sock it to you on the never ending voracious need for fresh ink cartridges. I switched to a laser printer years ago and I love having it around. But if it ever goes belly up, I will seriously look at a color laserjet instead of plain old black and white.

It Came From The Fever Dream Of John Deere

A Bugbot walking tree devourerCheck out this freaky new machine: Plustech Walking Technology introduces a six legged walking tree devouring machine. I for one welcome our new mechanical, tree eating overlords…

Seriously though, this machine is touted as the solution for sustainable forestry management. Basically it lets timber companies reach stretches of forest previously to remote or steep to strip every last possible tree off the face of the planet. And as an added bonus, it consumes enormous quantities of fossil fuels while chopping down those last few trees.

Hernandez El Sarape Restaurante

I was playing around with Google Maps today and I remembered this killer Mexican restaurant in Delavan Wisconsin that was the holy grail of restaurants during my college days at Beloit. I couldn’t remember the name of the place though – it has been 15 years after all. I typed it into Google Maps and voila, Hernandez El Sarape Restaurante sprang up instantly. Yeah, that’s the place. Ay carumba, they were a tasty restaurant. I loved going there, tons of really good food, great prices, and lots of cold beer.