Blogger Again

I’ve been getting a lot of hits from after I got linked from the projects home page with my ‘Blogger Sucks’ post. So hello drupal people! Yes this site runs Blogger – sorry. My drupal installation lives on my iBook’s hard drive right now, and it certainly isn’t very interesting or worthwhile yet. More of a test bed for my hacking and geek tendencies. When I’m ready I’ll probably put something up online, but not just yet.

Speaking about Blogger’s troubles, I scribbled up a post over on my new WordPress blog, Tales of Brave Ulysses about the problems lately with Blogger. My theory had something to do with spammers gunking up the works with Blogger’s newly release API. The official word is that the slowness is due to problems installing and powering up new machines in the server farm. Electrical problems actually. I still favor the spambot theory, but I’ll take their word for now.