Escaped Convicts

I’m so glad it only took the newspaper four days to finally run some pictures of the escaped prisoners that are considered armed and dangerous. I mean I wouldn’t want them to rush to any conclusions, maybe try and enlist the populations help or anything. After all, they’re only three prisoners considered armed and dangerous.

3 thoughts on “Escaped Convicts

  1. Merm

    Where do they think they’re going? Maybe hide out in the jungle like Yokoi?

    I can tell Thomas, that you’re not fond of the PDN. I liked it when Joe Murphy was editor. This new editor, I’m not so sure about. All he talks about it his quitting smoking. I’m thinking, “is that all you’ve got?”

  2. Thomas

    I am not particularly fond of the PDN, or any other media on Guam. I find it all rather disappointing. That said, that comment about not running the photos for four days was a general potshot – DepCor, PDN, KUAM, Marianas Variety; none of them made any attempt to run a picture of these three murderers for several days. I’m going to take a stab and say it was probably DepCor that didn’t release any pictures until Sunday night, for whatever reason. They don’t appear to have their heads on straight over there right now. The director appeared on KUAM news Sunday night, and I swear he just sounded confused and whined several excuses about this escape. I listened to the report and came away thinking ‘That guy’s a mope who has no clue what he’s doing.’

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