A Couple Science Links

Just a few things in passing that caught my eye.

  • Collapsing bubbles have hot plasma core – New research into sonoluminescence indicates that gas bubbles in liquid and crushed by sound waves actually contain super hot plasma. Why is this important? Physicist suspect that this process could be used to trigger nuclear fusion and provide a virtually limitless source of energy.
  • Voyager Mission Faces Shutdown – Budget constraints in NASA are pushing several venerable missions studying the solar system into retirement. The Voyager Mission is on the chopping block, despite the probes’ continued good health. The glory days of planetary fly-bys for the twin Voyagers but are still transmitting useful scientific data about the extreme limits of the heliopause.
  • Scientific American: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense – Read this great editorial from Scientific American about fair and balanced scientific journalism and it prompted me to read this handy reference to refute claims of creationists.