Bobby Fischer Released From Japanese Jail

Chess legend Bobby Fischer is finally free from a Japanese prison, were he has been held since last July. Fischer was released after Japanese authorities verified paperwork showing Fischer was granted citizenship in Iceland earlier this week. Fischer immediately left Japan for Iceland, via Copenhagen. The United States wants Fischer for violating economic sanctions against Yugoslavia. Many believe the charges are part of a U.S. vendetta against the chess icon for remarks made on September 11th supporting the attacks and making paranoid anti-Semitic statements.

Bobby Fischer Leaving JapanI listened to some of those recordings from Philippine radio. They were nasty, vile racist comments from a person well known to harbor deep anti-Semitic feelings. But look at the guy. He’s bats. He actually resembles the crazy coot who spends his time torturing the postal clerks in Hagåtña and believe me, that is not a favorable comparison. The last thing he needs is to freak out, or a chance to grandstand, and that is exactly what this whole episode has done. Let Iceland take him, apparently they love him in Iceland. I don’t think hiding out in Southeast Asia did Mr. Fischer any good at all. Maybe those cool Scandinavians will improve his radical temperament.