Left Of The Dial

Hat tip to Craig for this bit o’ tasty: HBO will be running an America Undercover documentary about the chaos surrounding Air America. Left Of The Dial covers the turbulent period surrounding Evan (Montvel) Cohen’s reign at Air America, the bounced checks, the blackouts on affiliate stations and his eventual ouster. As Drudge puts it in his grandiose style:

The doubts. The lies. The bounced checks. The heartbreak.

The viewer is taken upclose to witness the ugly business of media ambition.

The main character, Evan Cohen, founding chairman and main investor, is depicted as a complete fraud.

The documentary shows Cohen arriving in the middle of night at AIR AMERICA offices to sign over the company and disappear again, but not before lying about how many ads have been sold and how much money is the bank [zero].

It might be worth getting HBO to watch this. Maybe somebody can tape this for me? I’d really like to see it. The preview looks promising, despite Drudge’s hamfisted gloating in his role in the debacle. But Evan did not emerge from this fiasco smelling of roses. The HBO synopsis tells the story succintly.

With Air America facing severe financial problems, and the conservative media reporting every minute of its travails, Cohen abruptly disappears, leaving (attorney David) Goodfriend and the network’s executive producer, Carl Ginsburg, in the lurch. Silent investor Doug Kreeger steps up to take a more active role in the venture, navigating the staff through a crisis when employees temporarily lose their health benefits. Eventually, Cohen signs over his interest in Air America, and Goodfriend resigns, feeling betrayed by his good friend.

I said it before, I’ll say it again: This is his modus operandi. Thankfully the network survived the turmoil under his management and made groundbreaking strides in the radio marketplace.

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