As our nation turns its myopic gaze upon a poor vegetable’s final hours, the rest of the world is busy redefining itself. I just sat through 45 minutes of Fox News’ fair and balanced hysteria over the Schiavo case. Nonstop coverage, inciting hysteria and a dogmatic political agenda. When I could stand no more, I turned to CNN to find that a coup d’etat just occurred in Asia. Thank goodness Fox News doesn’t bother to report news during its fair and balanced fear mongering. After all, who gives a damn about Kyrgyzstan anyway? Obviously not Fox’s target demographic. I think the term for their brand of reporting was once called yellow journalism.

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  1. CC

    Believe me, there is no true journalism anymore. ALL journalism is yellow now. Thankfully Ginger Cruz put me out of my mercy while I was wading in that cesspool of polluted political agenda, if it bleeds it leads, and live shots of nothing for the sake of a live feed.

    Now all I’ve got to do is watch the price of oil to determine if my employment will continue or not.

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