Bryonn Bain In The Village Voice

These two articles are very interesting.

  • In 1999, Bryonn Bain, his brother and his cousin were arrested for ‘walking while black’ from a Manhattan night club. It didn’t matter that Mr. Bain was a second year law student at Harvard, it didn’t matter that he was class president of his class at Columbia for four years. He was black, he was arrested.
  • Freakily, Bryonn Bain was arrested again in 2002 during a routine traffic stop and jailed for several days because of identity theft. Some lowlife used his name when he was arrested and three warrants were issued for an innocent. During his incarceration his legal aide lawyer told him he was mentally ill when he told her he went to Harvard Law School and currenly taught at Columbia. The police, judges and lawyers all scoffed at his claims of innocence and mistaken identity. When his family came and paid his bail he still had to spend another night behind bars because the jail didn’t have the form that needed to be stamped.