4 thoughts on “Air America Documentary Airs Tonight

  1. CC

    I don’t have HBO anymore, but I’ve got a lead on someone who does. Other problem is, I don’t know if they have one of those old rickety VCRs or DVD burners or anything for recording. I’ll let you know if I can come up with anything.

  2. Anonymous

    we must get a copy. i must see this doco. i read the wsj article, and it bloody sounds just like all the scams mr. MONTVEL-cohen pulled back in guam, only on a bigger scale this time. clearly, there is something pathological going on here. at least he’s recovered from the cancer.

    by the bi bye buy, i would like to ask these reporters to query further why the MONTVEL was dropped after departing guam. the reason for this, was to put debt collectors in guam off his trail.

    quite a story, really. i can fully imagine the storylines coming from EMC to david goodfriend regarding his successful guam ventures, etc… and how that played out into this air ameriKa thing…

    ahhhh, to be back on the beach in malesso barbecuing again, drinking a cold budweiser, turning fish on the grill, listening to some mellow marley, and telling stories….

    send me a copy somehow some way.

    “surviving cancer has given me a new lease on life”

    oh, that’s a good one. brilliant method of fundraising. WHY didn’t i think of that??


  3. Anonymous

    granted, i’ll have to wait until i see this hbo piece. but so far, i get a bad feeling…in a related Salon article i get the impression that mr. cohen is actually in the film, and portrayed as politically liberal (whatever that means anymore, really) (albeit a lying liberal). i know this person very well. i have had many discussions with him about politics, philosophy, etc. mr. cohen is NOT anywhere close to (politically)liberal minded, certainly not radical. his brother Tom is most definitely liberal minded and highly intelligent and articulate. mr. cohen, if anything is a (politically) moderate conservative, with an egomaniacal and pathological bent on making as much money as possible, for what ends, i will never know. he is most charming, though. but the cycle of b.s. and lying has caught up to him. when i read the salon article (and the wsj article) and get the impression that he wanted to start Air America up to better the world, i get nauseous. mr. cohen could give a flying fuck about anybody but himself, his ego and his immediate family. that is fine with me, have fun and go at it. but i dare say when i see him next i’m going to slap him hard across the face for pretending to care about others, let alone the world. of course, cancer survivors to see things differently. then again, was there ever really a brain tumour. was there ever really a heart attack at the age of 34, a year before he took on the brain tumour and left guam running from debt collectors, which includes close friends that loaned him thousands of dollars??!! one very close friend loaned him 30k US just after the heart attack. this money was never seen again. mr. cohen asked another close friend of mine awhile back to sign a contract as an ‘invisible employee’, which provided mr. cohen with an extra 40k/year in ‘invisible’ salary. the list goes on and on….and i will refrain from further elaboration. but the point here is that there is no concern at all for anyone else but himself. and mr. cohen of MONTVEL will say anything and screw anyone (i’ve been there) to make some $$. better the world?! ha. that is fucking brilliant comedy.

    no fucking integrity. what will your children think, mr. cohen.

    fuck you.

    sorry folks, got off on a tangential rant, but this one’s too much for me to let pass. i am most keen to see that hbo film so please SOMEBODY get a copy.

    i’m off to the doctor to check on my tumour.

    peace. out.

  4. Jimbo

    You always were a slapper. Me, I’m more of a shit-flinger, not to steal any thunder from the Bag or Dr. Claw.

    Now that this morally derelict sub-species has come to be a topic of convo, I recall Montvel is actually into my own pocket as well. When I first moved to the island looking for work, our hero told me to put in a day at Power 98 writing ad copy and jerking off Chuck Nasty. Payment of 60 bucks was promised for the day of work, and at that time such cash was extremely important, as I was crashing on a couch with somewhere less than $200 in my pocket and a large piece of luggage to my name.

    The work just SUCKED, with Mr. Nasty thinking he was king of the written/deeply-voiced word, and none of my feces flung at the wall stuck for him. Come lunch time, Montvel says, “let me buy you lunch.” This was also important because I had for weeks been subsisting on canned tuna and handfuls of James’ granola.

    We walked to that li’l trailer that doubled at an Italian lunch wagon next to the Bank of Hawaii. If I was being courted as a real employee, even being a penniless squatter, I wasn’t impressed but I remember the food was really good, possibly because it wasn’t breakfast cereal.

    Serial being the key word here, because I realize, West, that there is a pathology here. Scams are the very fabric of his toupee, which permeates right down to everyday situations. We order some pasta from trailer-boyardee, he rings us up, and Montvel slaps his ass and says, “Shit, I left my wallet at the station, you got cash? I’ll pay you when we get back.”

    Of course I paid some of the most precious 12 dollars I ever had, never saw a chip-in after we got to the station, and obviously never saw the $60 payday after turning down the offer to be Montvel’s puppet bitch. So, luckily, he is only into me for 66 bucks. Everyone has to have a claim to fame.

    Is he still married? I don’t want to say anything bad about anyone else, but if he is, how do you continue to be associated or connected to such a scum-skirted con man? And the association does nothing for Lee Holmes, I mean Rex Sorensen. But he is media, so that is a taintberry from the beginning and you can’t feed a carp a catfish.

    We might be some booze-addled underacheivers who folks might view as not so good, but the individuals mentioned in this comment make us look like boy scouts, and THEY are supposed to be viewed as upstanding citizens, Kane. This is Kansas’ grand illusion.

    Remember, none of us, me, Tom, Wes, Budaz, James, and probably Dave Goodfriend would be where we are today if it weren’t for EMC, square.

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