Brush Fire On Saipan

Photo by Marconi CalindasThere was a massive brush fire atop Saipan’s Mount Tapochao Friday night. Almost the entire summit of Tapochao was engulfed in flames. Firefighters could not reach the blaze, but were continuing to monitor it. No homes were threatened yet by the wildfire.

It serves as a reminder: This is brush fire season on the Marianas. I drove by a big fire in Manenggon Hills last Friday, blazing away on the road to Leo Palace. Scorched patches of earth bear testament to the flames. It’s hot outside, and the grass is dry after three months of the dry season.

2 thoughts on “Brush Fire On Saipan

  1. Jimbo

    Wasn’t this started by a flash-bang grenade purchased at the Hagatna Ace Hardwae thrown by a gomer with a cell phone agenda?

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