2 thoughts on “It Is Finished

  1. Thomas

    So who will become the next Pope?

    While the faithful mourn the passing of a beloved Pope, the question lurking behind the scenes is one of succession. Who will be elected the next Pope? A great many think the next Pontifex Maximus could very well be from the Third World, marking the first time in two millenia the holy father is not a European.

    The Church is certainly on fire in the Third World. In 1955 Africa was home to 16 million Catholics, today that number is 120 million. The election of a Polish Pope during the Cold War helped bring about an end to that conflict, perhaps an African Pope will work to soothe the rancor between Islam and the West.

  2. CC

    Wow. That is an excellent progresive idea in a time of polarizing fundmentalism.

    Sadly, I don’t foresee it happening, but at least for now there is hope.

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